July 2018 Update

Commitment to Providing Internet, Video and Voice Service Provider Options
Our carrier services team is changing course. In the past we’ve presented client hotels with one recommendation for Internet, video and voice services. Going forward we will provide two options that meet brand requirements. Typically this will be a bundle from the local cable company (Comcast, Spectrum, Altice or Cox) and the local exchange carrier (typically AT&T or Verizon). This will allow our clients to make their own informed decision regarding which solution best fits each property. While we understand that our client base is primarily using the cable companies for their carrier services we do sense a sea change in consideration of using the local exchange carrier. Both AT&T and Verizon have woken up to market competitive pricing and offering valuable bundles to compete with the cable companies. In many cases this awakening is increasing competition and reducing pricing from the top tier providers.
Compliance with Marriott Technology Standards for Legacy Starwood Properties
We are currently working with all of our legacy Starwood properties to ensure compliance with new technology standards taking effect in 2018 and 2019. This effort are being driven by Carlos Pizana, our Service Desk Lead Engineer, and Larry McMichael, a Project Manager on our development team. We will be providing budget guidance to properties that require any technology refreshes to comply with the new standards by mid-September. Site surveys will be scheduled for a limited number of hotels that we’ve taken over support for where we don’t have complete property information for all technology systems on file.
Hilton Wireless Network Upgrade Program
We expect Hilton to relaunch its Wi-Fi refresh program in August. Complete details of the new program haven’t been released. What we do know is that the new program will have different cabling requirements than prior programs. Going forward every guest room TV should be cabled for both RG6 coaxial cable for linear TV and CAT6 cable for an access point. Our recommendation is to follow these standards for both PIP/renovations and new build properties. This will allow hotels to adopt the new StayConnected NextGen Converged Network Wi-Fi and Connected Room TV platform. This change puts Hilton’s cabling standards in line with those from other major brands.
Building Automation Systems Integration with Brand Specific Property Management Systems
Building automation is getting serious attention in new build projects. Our project development team is focusing attention in this area to ensure strong integration between the building automation systems and brand specific property management systems and brand initiatives. Building automation includes energy management systems, HVAC control systems, distributed antenna systems and parking control systems. We are committed to maintaining expert level knowledge of interoperability with specific vendors systems and brand specific property management systems.

Steve Tutino

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